Why You Need Both Software and Hardware Firewalls

A firewall sounds like a pretty intense thing – unless you’re an action-movie stuntman. Yet when it comes to internet security, you may not have as much firewall protection as you need. Many internet security products bundle antivirus and firewall software, and many users think this is enough. But first, let’s be clear about what …

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What Are Cookies?

Fresh-baked cookies are yummy, but you may not have the same positive associations with cookies on your computer. Here’s what you need to know about cookies and what they mean for your internet browsing. Cookies have been around for a long time, but new laws now require websites to ask for your permission to use …

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What Is SharePoint, and Why Use it?

Mobile, remote workforce’s still need tools to share and collaborate with one another. Business teams want to work together and get the job done efficiently. Microsoft SharePoint helps make that happen. SharePoint is used in science and education, law and government, finance, computers, electronics, and technology verticals. Its largest market share globally is in the …

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Getting the Most out of Microsoft 365 – Book it!

doing, not fussing with phone calls and emails, trying to schedule times for clients to come in. That’s where Microsoft 365 Bookings comes in handy. Bookings is an add-on to your Microsoft 365 Business plan. It allows you to manage appointments online with a custom webpage, one you can even integrate with Facebook! Consider Bookings …

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The Relationship Between Cybersecurity and COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, related cyber-attacks have come forth and multiplied. Almost every industry has been affected, but non-profit, manufacturing and retail have seen the most attacks. In a report provided exclusively to Forbes last week, major security firm Mimecast examined the first 100 days of the crisis, its effect on cybercrime and the …

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Stay Connected with Teams

This video highlights how Teams helps people stay connected—even while social distancing. It briefly and visually covers a variety of Microsoft Teams features, showing you how to communicate and collaborate easily. Watch this short video to see how you can empower your team.

How to Destroy Data Properly

We spend a lot of time protecting our data, but what if you need to destroy it? Simply deleting it is not enough as it can be easily recovered. In this article we show you how to property destroy data.

Why You Need Professional Virus Removal

Most computers have an antivirus product installed to protect the computer. However, most antivirus products aren’t very good at cleaning up if an infection does occur. In this article, we discuss why you need professional virus removal.

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