Month: August 2019

How to Destroy Data Properly

We spend a lot of time protecting our data, but what if you need to destroy it? Simply deleting it is not enough as it can be easily recovered. In this article we show you how to property destroy data.

Why You Need Professional Virus Removal

Most computers have an antivirus product installed to protect the computer. However, most antivirus products aren’t very good at cleaning up if an infection does occur. In this article, we discuss why you need professional virus removal.

6 Target Areas to Reduce IT Costs

Technology costs can slowly increase over time, but there are often many opportunities to reduce them. In this article, we show you 6 target areas where you can reduce your IT costs.

Failure is Not an Option: Getting Rid of Single Points of Failure

You might think that your business is going to be OK even if a single device goes down. After all, there are other devices your people can use. It’s not as if the entire system is going to fall like dominoes. Or is it? Get rid of single points of failure to make one vulnerability doesn’t take down your network.

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