Month: May 2019

Loving your External Hard Drive

External hard drives free up storage, offer portability, and provide a lifeline in case of a computer disaster. It pays to take good care of these compact, convenient devices.

Stop the Inbox Insanity: Tips for Better Email Management

A staggering 269 billion emails are sent every day. Your business is receiving only a small fraction of those emails. Yet your staff likely feel as if at least 269 of those are coming their way daily. In fact, the typical employee in 2018 received 90 emails and sent out 40.

MSP Facts: Common Managed Service Myths — Busted

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are not the stuff of legends like minotaurs and unicorns. Yet there are many common myths around managed services. These can cloud understanding of an MSP’s true value. Consider the facts to decide whether partnering with a third-party IT vendor is right for you.

What Happens to Your Data When You Die?

Death is a morbid topic most of us try to avoid. Making a will and saying we prefer cremation is the extent of our advance planning. Yet, you may want to also think about what’s going to happen to your data.

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