Month: April 2019

3 Steps to Securing Cloud Data

Businesses are no longer confusing “the cloud” with those puffy white things in the sky. For many, the cloud is a backbone business tool. Yet, some worry about storing their data on the Internet using cloud technologies. Consider these approaches to boost business confidence in cloud data security.

IT Problems Your Managed Service Provider Can Solve

Managed Service Providers are more than just someone to fix quick IT problems. They are there to guide your business through the technology landscape. In this article, we talk about problems that a Managed Service Provider can solve for you.

OK Google, How Safe Are You Really?

Do you use a smart home assistant like Siri, Google, or Alexa? They are convenient, but the question is how safe is it to have an open microphone in your home? In this article we talk about the privacy concerns of home assistants.

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