Month: March 2019

Has Your Email Been Hijacked?

A common complaint by many users in recent months has been spam emails appearing to come from their own accounts.  Despite not knowing why, reports of friends, family, and contacts receiving a spam email that appears to come from them has worried many people.

What Can A MSP Do to Kickstart Your Business?

Business today relies on technology in a way which we have never seen before.  It makes up the core of almost every firm currently in existence.  Today going digital impacts small companies more than large ones; it can make new opportunities possible and accelerate your path to success. 

Don’t Fall Victim to Webcam Blackmail

Many users have reported recent scam messages from individuals claiming to have intercepted their username and password.  These messages often state they have been watching your screen activity and webcam while you have been unaware.

Is There A Safe Way to Use The Cloud?

Cloud technology has grown to new heights in recent years. Ten years ago ‘the cloud’ was jargon almost nobody was aware of, today it is a phrase used almost daily in offices worldwide.  More and more businesses today are taking advantage of the huge benefits cloud services have to offer.

Repairing Your Computer Quicker for Less

Have you started to notice your computer’s niggles, flaws, and problems growing more severe and more frequent over recent months?  These issues can irritate you daily, stop you from doing critical tasks, and even put your data in danger.  It may be time to book in your computer for a brief service check or repair to get back on track.

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